TEEP Programs

We offer a variety of programs, which relate to the curriculum for Year 1 -13. They are delivered through a range of workshops orientated around numerous topics including local/global biodiversity, green careers, alternative energy debates, active travel, etc.

They involve hands on work, digital displays, Skyping scientists from the classroom, outdoor learning and community involvement. Workshops take place in classrooms, school grounds, farms and wild spaces.  We can now host programs in a woodland by Ashton Court, which we wholly own.

Most programs can be expanded (e.g. mini expeditions) or contracted (e.g. lunchtime club) as appropriate. Where it is possible to organise regular workshops we can offer a comprehensive solution to fit the school’s targets.

Tom Walmsley visits numerous schools around Bristol to advise on all aspects of their environmental education.  During Bristol 2015 Green Capital year he worked on various projects as a strategist, educator and photographer.  Tom can deliver our TEEP workshops working alongside with your teachers and sometimes other specialists we work with on other projects

FOR EXAMPLE: Tom has been employed by Clifton High School on a weekly basis, for a number of years, to raise the environmental awareness from Year 1 to 13.  Through his contacts he has brought in around 20 specialists over time to contribute to his workshops and help the school community fully engage, some of whom present wildlife programs or helping run international conservation organisations. Within two years the school was awarded the Green Flag by Eco Schools.


– Creating homes for wildlife (ecotones) or diversifying an existing area. Shaping the available space to encourage children and nature to co-exist.

– Short trips to local meadows / woods / rivers / beaches. Day trips to reserves like Slimbridge. Mini expeditions to previous tested locations.

– Connecting a class with scientists in the field by 1) working on some sample data then 2) connecting, live via SKYPE, to talk to them about their work and 3) discuss their green careers.

– Classroom or Assembly presentations on subjects at your request but popular ones include: Sustainability / Marine wildlife and environment / Nocturnal animals / Whales and dolphins of the world / Green careers / Arctic Biome / Active Travel / Extreme Weather.

– The different themes can be run as workshops for Primary age and Science Cafes, with more debate, for Secondary age pupils. Popular ones include: We are running out of fish! / Global Campaigning / Textile recycling / Biodiversity on your school site / Wildlife photography

– Focusing on one of these themes, we pull together workshops and keynote speakers to create a half or whole day experience for your school community: Up-cycling / Biodiversity / Sustainability

– As part of any project we like to link your school to the Eco Schools initiative and education principles and use our experience to accelerate that, within your means.  Tom Walmsley is one of a dozen local specialists listed by Eco Schools in UK.

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