Photography Careers

Over view: –
It has become very difficult to earn a living as a freelance photographer because of the overwhelming number of people trying to work in this industry.  However it has a central role for many green industries and campaign groups and although they pay less the demand for good quality photography in these sectors is growing.

Contract work in these sectors of the industry is still rewarding for many: –

  • general or social – weddings and portraits
  • advertising and editorial – advertisements, magazines and photo libraries
  • press and photojournalism – newspapers and other news publications
  • documentary and campaign – working on more in depth stories for news or NGOs
  • wildlife and landscape – stock photography for photo agencies
  • sport – documenting sporting events real time
  • fashion – photographing models and clothing for magazines and catalogues
  • corporate (industrial/commercial) – company promotional material
  • scientific or medical – recording scientific research / medical conditions / treatments
  • specialist / technical photography – underwater, aerial, macro, infrared


Frequently Asked Questions: –
What sort of training or courses could I find?
– Online courses have improved a lot and are inexpensive for what they cover.  Currently the best courses are from: Photography Institute

What ‘sustainable’ job(s) would this prepare me for?
– Luckily photography skills can be used on any subject matter.  Your personal experience and skills will define how you use it best to make a living.

What qualifications or experience would help me get a place?
– As with any freelance work your track record of completed jobs is key.  However well presented personal projects and qualifications help to get started.

What are the core skills/qualifications they are looking for?
– Creativity and technical proficiency are important – for more information, click here

What would make me stand out once qualified?
– Keeping up to date with latest styles and equipment.  Running your business well.

How can I find out more and stay in touch with developments?
– Online forums

How might green jobs within this sector of green careers change in the future?
– Photo agencies believe that demand for pictures about our environment will increase dramatically (possibly 1 in 5 requests).

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