Making a grand home for nature, one small patch at a time.

Join the club: As we all know many valuable insects, which we both rely on and love such as bees and butterflies, are rapidly declining in number due to extreme loss of their habitat.  Research shows that lots of little reserves act like one massive reserve for wildlife, which move between them using ‘wildlife corridors’.


  •  Launched at Festival of Nature 2017, by the TV presenter and President of the RSPB, Miranda Krestovinkoff – SEE VIDEO
  • Seed bank to supply school projects looking good – SEE PICTURES
  • Three schools signed up by October 2017 – SEE PICTURES.
  • Any questions please email: Tom Walmsley and / or Jon Attwood


  • Minimum plot size managed or put aside for wildlife at your school: 2m x 3m
  • Updates to this new initiative are being uploaded to this page:  bookmark www.BSNR.club
  • We aim to sign up over 50% of Bristol’s schools over the next 5 years:  we will start on day one with five!
  • If you send a picture of your site we will send you a weather proof Club Certificate: attach to a stick on your plot.
  • As funding rolls in we will be able to supply some materials, workshops: targeting active club members and larger plots of land.
  • Simple video explaining need for plants for pollinators however small the plot: click here.
  • Consider this project part of your ‘growing’ outdoor education in your school: vital for children


Felixsowe Community Nature Reserve
“I wish the Bristol Schools’ Nature Reserve every success in helping local wildlife. I hope this project will inspire other people and organisations in the Bristol area to take up the idea of community nature reserves, and to spread that idea far and wide. We all know that wildlife populations in the UK are in decline. However, by taking an active part in a community nature reserve, each of us has an opportunity to help to stop that decline. Please encourage one another!”


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