The Environmental Education Project’s exhibit, sponsored by Clifton High School, was the biggest outside attraction at the festival and was highlighted on the program.  The theme was secret training: to become Agents for Nature.

The minibus exhibit showed how visitors could help terrestrial wildlife by making miniature nature reserves (see below).  The caravan exhibit showed how they could help protect and clean up the marine environment.  The outside tables had kits for low waste lifestyles, wildflower gardens and 3D modelling of marine animals.

We were prepared for wind and rain with exhibits made from discarded fishing nets, wild flowers and marine wildlife in tanks or chests of sand.  But we ended up with sunshine, lots of wind and a heavy stream of visitors over three days!
See pictures below: –

Display of discarded monofilament fishing nets: with games to rescue animals and suggestions for adults to eat sustainably caught fish or switch to insect protein!

Ducklings provided a reminder for those could not eat insect protein (the barbequed crickets, ants and grubs were delicious) that the alternative is eating meat with a high impact on the environment and more animal welfare issues to look after these lovely creatures while growing them.

Launch of Bristol Schools Nature Reserve!  This project has been sponsored by Clifton High School and the launch video was presented by Miranda Krestovnikoff (TV Presenter and President of RSPB)

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  1. Adrian Cooper July 2, 2017 at 9:02 pm #

    Tom, Thank you for your amazing work! Many congratulations to all the schools who are taking part in the Bristol Schools Nature Reserve. Your work is vitally important to the future of wildlife conservation in the Bristol area, and right across the UK. When ever you can, please encourage other schools to join in with this amazing work. Just imagine the effect on wildlife conservation if every school in the whole of the UK each had its own nature reserve – and that those school nature reserves were linked up to a community nature reserve in every town and city neighbourhood across the UK!

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