Inspiring videos

Al Gore – the case for optimism on climate change

Feature Film: Breath of Life trailer – year 6 and above only

Good Energy avert – we all ‘smoke’

When Julia Roberts speaks, listen – because mother nature knows best.

Extra ordinary ocean phenomena

History of our understanding of Bird Migration – amusing

10 Photos of a changing world

Learning from nature: Biomimicry

“If kids behind the Earth Guardian movement can push massive change before the legal voting age of 18, imagine the possibilities for society at large. Xiuhtezcatl’s father raised him in the Aztec tradition. From an early age he learned…”

Sustainable Fish: Renowned chef and MSC investigator, Raymond Blanc, helps an unusual client hunt for his missing girlfriend and uncovers a much bigger story!
Welcome to our modern culture: materialism.  Special welcome mat…

Don’t leave the light on

Drilling in the Arctic could start any day

Wear it Wild – WWF educational video about world’s wildlife

Wild Scotland – beautiful film about wildlife in wildest part of Britain

First poo powered bus

Get out there: Kathmandu

TED:  Earth and the Environment

TED: How I teach kids to love science

Story of Stuff:  Annie Leonard (now Head of Greenpeace USA)

Climate Change explained

When all the rivers and trees are gone, man will realise he cannot eat money

Flashing sharks – how they can help us if we can keep their habitat in good shape

Interview with woman after a week living in the wild

Art from beach trash – Hawaii

Plastic trash in the Pacific

Where does your energy come from?

Cartoons defining marine environmental issues

150 years of Global Warming in a minute long music symphony

NASA video of Arctic Sea Ice disappearing over the decades

Eco Schools

The Crunch – health of food and its production

We have been here for 3 seconds on this planet, as a race…

TED TALK – Nature is Everywhere – we just need to learn to see it

Protect the Arctic for Ever

Select appropriate renewable energy (game)

Effect or re wolfing Yellowstone Nat Park

EARTH 2050

Sea levels rising

Anthropocene – great summary

Zero waste lifestyle

Marine litter: –
Wet wipes

Cotton buds

Toilet day

Addicted to Plastic bottles

Plastic micro beads

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