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Young people need to be empowered to make crucial decisions during some difficult changes in our global environment over the next few decades. There is a responsibility for educators, like ourselves, to support them through ongoing and engaging environmental education. For that reason, let’s support comprehensive changes in schools to put resources into a wide variety of effective workshops for all ages. The aim is to inspire young people to understand their local and global environments and their career opportunities in the ‘green’ sector in a way that helps them better shape their world.

Through our studies looking at the connection between the natural world and children’s education we have focussed on the need for Forest Schools’ programs to offer more than entertainment value and to contribute to a lasting connection to the natural world.’
Keri Facer, Professor of Educational & Social Futures at University of Bristol

Tom Walmsley spent ten years working as a whale biologist then an underwater cameraman and expedition organiser covering environmental issues, across the world’s major oceans.  He then spent ten years establishing the largest photo library in the world focusing on the environment. These themes continue in his current work as an environmental educator, working with young people both in the classroom and on short expeditions. See links below for more info.


Tom Walmsley’s resume.

Testimonials for this project

Collages of pictures showing current work

Collages of pictures from previous work

Inspiring videos to help inspire those interested in topics on this website we are building a collection of inspiring videos available online.

Useful quotes relating to our environment.

Photography programs with TEEP


For Early Years

Key Stage 1 and 2:
Exploring school grounds and local parks, with occasional visits to farms and animal rescue centres.


For Primary / Juniors

Key Stage 3:
Exploring school grounds and local parks with occasional visits further afield to river and woodland.


For Secondary / Seniors

GSCE to A Levels:
Working closely with the curriculum, sessions will cover biology, maths, faith and society.



  • Ecoclub – bridging all age groups. This club can support interest from any age group.
  • Classroom installations to engage children over a longer period e.g. aquarium, stick insects
  • Multimedia presentations in assemblies and classrooms, ideally to augment their understanding through the activities we offer.
  • Day trips, with one-off payment from parents who opt in for specialist trips: Beach School/River School/Farm School etc.

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