Tom Walmsley works full time as an outdoor and environmental educator, along with his specialist contacts, in a variety of schools and settings.  He aims to bring young people into direct contact with our natural world and with a more sustainable society.  Our aim is to inspire the next generation using presentations from Tom’s work as a wildlife photographer and interactive workshops.  These include skype calls with working scientists, campfire meditations, bioblitzes in the woods and climate change classes in a converted caravan. Through these diverse experiences we aim to enhance aspects of the curriculum outside of the classroom, particularly for maths, geography and biology.

Young people need to be empowered to make crucial decisions during some difficult changes in our global environment over the next few decades. There is a responsibility for educators, like ourselves, to support them through ongoing and engaging environmental education. For that reason, let’s support comprehensive changes in schools to put resources into a wide variety of effective workshops for all ages. The aim is to inspire young people to understand their local and global environments and their career opportunities in the ‘green’ sector in a way that helps them better shape their world.

This work draws on Tom’s  experience (25 years) working on environmental and media campaigns around the world and teaching about global issues.  Relevant and inspiring specialists are regularly brought in to deliver workshops.

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Tom Walmsley, The Environmental Education Project





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